Issue 2 Coming out on 1st February 2022

Issue 2 will come out in early Spring and theme is ‘Awakening‘ it’s going to be a very special issue with Max Porter on his incredible filmed poetry monologue performed by Cillian Murphy for the Manchester International Festival ‘All of This Unreal Time’

The interpretation of the word ‘Awakening’ is completely open to the poet, the artist, the storyteller. In Max Porters’ ‘ All of this Unreal Time’ the awakening is Cillian Murphy’s everyman in his black hoodie, walking through the damp streets of Manchester, in an act of atonement. ‘I came out here to apologise’ and he goes through such a profound realisation of his life as a man on this earth, that it takes your breath away. He is awake now, and aware and filled with a realisation of love, stark helpless love that makes you vulnerable, that makes you flawed and human.

So Awakening it is. Submissions will open around November 1st and we’re looking for illustrators, poets and storytellers . Publication date is March 1st 2022 just in time for Spring.