Nature/Wildlife Issue 4

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Cover of Issue 4 – Chimpanzee by Adam Riches

Bumble Bee by April Coppini, in Issue 4

Image below from Fertility Rites by Carlos Gonzalez Ximenez in Issue 4

Poets and writers in Issue 4

Anne Louise Avery

Georgia Boon

Ivan de Monbrison

Edward Malone

Peter Clark

LJ Ireton

Gabriela Halas

Kate Potter

Tamiko Dooley

Lauren Camp

L.Ward Abel

Poonam Jain

J.M. Bédard

Italo Ferrante

Hannah Allies

Kayann Short


Ivy Raff

Felicity Middleton

Sara Falkstad

Dagne Forrest

Kanya Kanchana

Hanna Randall

Kate Maxwell

Alexandra Price

Ceinwen Haydon

Jupiter Jones

Michelle Dennehy

Zach Murphy

Candida Baker

Eleanor Page

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we’re featuring All of This Unreal Time, in Issue 3 written by Max Porter and directed by Aoife McArdle.

A dramatic and immersive film installation by Aoife McArdle, first shown at the Manchester International Festival it was nominated this year for Best Narrative Short at Tribeca. All of This Unreal Time was born from conversations between Max Porter (Author of ‘Grief is The Thing With Feathers‘) and Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) about different themes of honesty and performance; the conversations grew organically to become something else. A poem, a film, an apology, an installation, it is transmutative.

We follow an unnamed man expressing his thoughts and regrets, dressed in a black hoodie through deserted city streets at night and into the fields as dawn breaks, bringing hope.

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