Issue 2: Awakening

Have you tasted the wild on your tongue?

The salty tang of the sea and the breathlessness

of a gale on a mountaintop, reminding you what you are part of…

from ‘Liberation’ by Nia Harries, issue 2

Issue 2 is available as of February 1st, which coincides with the festival of Imbolc, the returning of the light and our theme, fittingly, is ‘Awakening’ You can order via credit card and paypal in the Shop but if you need an alternative method of payment, please drop me a line at:

If you would like to order a back issue please email:

The Amphibian is also available at the iconic Athenaeum Boekhandel en Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam.

Athenaeum Boekhandel en Nieuwscentrum, Spui 14-16 Amsterdam.

Contributors to Issue 2

Clem Flowers

Vinita Agrawal

Michael Igoe

Anne Leigh Parrish

Cate West

Andrea Hamilton

Nia Harries

Scarlet Katz Roberts

John Chinaka Onyeche

Jackie Juno

Linda M.Crate

Peter Clark

Elsje Fourie

Amber Walker

ilana Grune

Poonam Jain

Stephanie Parent

Elaine Mead

Anita Kestin

Rosie Garland