Submissions Closed!

Submissions closed for issue 4

Theme of Issue 4 is Wildlife/Nature

Wildlife can be interpreted however you want, it can be your own inner wildness or it can be the interface between the self and nature.

No subject matter is too small or too big. Some humble suggestions for inspiration:

The sea, the forest, the mountains, the desert, the night sky, dawn- animals pets, hedgerows, snow fall, cottages in the woods, witches and wise wo(men), rain on the roof, climate change, the Anthropocene, extinction the good medicine of connecting with our nature…and above all, hope.

Send us your poems, stories and myths.

word count max 2000 for stories

max 3 poems and we are flexible as to length (within reason of course!)

a simple word doc and most fonts are fine.

email subject: Submissions issue 4 and send them to:

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